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Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Objective: As part of a team of two designers working in a small agency of six, we were tasked with creating a social media campaign to generate public anticipation for the grand opening of Winnipeg's largest landmark addition without any visual or textual reference materials about the exhibits. The only guidance provided was a set of caption guidelines, making the challenge of creating a successful campaign even more significant.

Solution: To address this challenge, our team conducted extensive research on Winnipeg's history and culture to identify themes that we could incorporate into the campaign. We used eye-catching visuals and engaging storytelling techniques to capture the audience's attention and stimulate their curiosity about the landmark addition's exhibits. 

Result: The Inauguration Social Media Campaign was highly successful, generating significant public anticipation for the landmark addition's grand opening. Our agency's creative approach received recognition from Hootsuite and established a notable milestone in our professional careers. The client was highly satisfied with the results as the campaign successfully achieved its objective of generating excitement and interest in the landmark addition's opening.

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