i wear a lot of metaphorical hats


I’m a graphic designer and illustrator based in MB. Currently a freelance sole-proprietor.

I take pride in my work, pay attention to the details, and go above and beyond.

I’ve had the great fortune to work on some truly inspiring projects throughout my career, whether through my own freelancing business, as an agency contractor, or as an in-house employee. 

select clients

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights
Inauguration Social Media Campaign

The expectation of the designers for this campaign was to get the public excited about this monumental addition to Winnipeg without giving away any secrets as to what to expect once you walk through its doors. To be honest, the design team wasn't given any descriptions or pictures of the exhibits themselves, however, the captions were included as guidelines. This was both a huge challenge and a highlight in my career. 



Urban Tactical / Corporate Security Supply / IG Wealth Management
Corporate Print Collection

These corporate print pieces all have something in common and stand out in my portfolio in the fact I was a part of creating the very first version of them all. They all follow strict brand standards, therefore creativity had to be at its peak. Each was made in 2018 and is still running to this day.

Snapchat Filters
Digital Illustration

You can find these filters live on Snapchat in Winnipeg at these locations: the Exchange District, the Forks, Osborne Village, Kilcona Park, and at Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba.

Timelapse Videos
Digital Illustration

In my spare time, I draw for fun. My favourite styles include American Traditional and my own mix of linework and pointillism in black. I've also been commissioned to illustrate both poetry and stories for children, so I practise a wide variety of drawing styles to keep on-trend of whatever may come next.

More of Everything
Mixed Mediums

These are some of my favourite pieces I've created in my 8+ years in the professional industry. Please click on each image to learn more.